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Divine Diary Ch 07 Nine Months

After Luo Chaoxin  was corrected by Su Hao via the broom, he once again realized he was the weakest one in the house.

His room full of monster toys couldn’t fight against the powerful demon that was “Older Brother”.

Even his parents who doted on him so much were unwilling to say a single word for him in front of his older brother.

Older brother was too powerful.

When would he be able to beat him and become the real owner of the house. 

Su Hao went back to his room and sat in front of his computer deep in thought. 

He was already 15 this year.

The curse of his reincarnations not being able to live past 5 years seemed to have already disappeared.

Ever since he survived the kindergarten incident, his life had been smooth sailing and he hadn’t experienced any other dangers.

Based on this trend, perhaps he could live a whole life, become famous, and become a genius that left a deep mark on this world.

That was the life he wanted.

In the previous life, where he had nothing, he hoped his life would be filled with color, without money he couldn’t finish spending, endless girls, able to do whatever he wanted, able to implement his own system of justice, have his name echo throughout the world. 

So far, everything was perfect. 

He had almost unlimited money.

Countless girls, aunties, and women salivated over him.

He could do whatever he wanted, including spanking that annoying Luo Chaoxin.

No one would stop him, including his parents.

People hung onto his every word.

His justice was countless peoples’ justice.

Right now, though his name didn’t fully echo through the whole world, with a bit of time and copying more of Earth’s famous writers and musicians, he would be famous across the world.

Picturing this, Su Hao suddenly laughed. 

Sure enough, such a leisurely and fulfilling life was worth living.

This was exactly what he wanted.

This was exactly what she had been dreaming of on Earth.

Here, all of his dreams were becoming reality one by one. 

Of course, one couldn’t just take take take.

This world’s success was also his.

He also wanted to give this world something in return, things he could return within his power. 

“ I need to leave something for this world.

I can’t just come here for free.”

The things that Su Hao wanted to leave behind weren’t just the Earth’s stories and music.

He also wanted to use his own effort and truly raise this world’s civilization development and bring a better life for most people.

“This matter can’t be rushed.

Relying on my current knowledge is far from enough.

I need to learn more.

And because of my limited knowledge, Cosmic Light’s current level is too low.

It’s far from enough ability to be operated like a super computer.

If I can learn the knowledge of quantum processing, I’ll definitely be able to greatly improve Little Light’s computing power.

Then the entire system can be optimized.”

“Thus, my knowledge is still too lacking.

The current objective is still to learn.

Little Light, add the quantum mechanics course.

“Setting up quantum mechanics course”

“Quantum mechanics basic data collection”

“Quantum mechanics splitting basic knowledge”

“Optimizing process”

“Quantum mechanics course successfully established!”

‘Study for two hours every day for three months.”


A year later, Su Hao turned 16.

He had already obtained a doctorate and was famous in academic circles. 

In this year, having gone through multiple optimizations, Little Light’s cloud computing power had significantly improved.

The marble room was optimized again and no longer resembled a spaceship control room.

Su Hao had transformed it into an ordinary living room.

But this living room could change its appearance however he wanted.

Grassland, desert, beach, snowy mountain, clouds.

As long as he thought of it, he could transform it. 

With a single thought, he could see the most recent log.

He could even summon a book with what he wanted to see. 

In addition, his new books “Harry Potter” sold well across the whole world.

He planned to write a of Chinese mythology’s “History of Disasters”.

But time was limited and he never started writing.

There was also a new piano piece “Kiss the Rain” that boomed across the world.

He did this things, not for money, but as a way to give back to this world.To add enrichment to the people of this world, to make it more plentiful. 

The current him had the qualifications to be like Ma Baba and say: I’m not interested in money.

(TLN: I believe this is a reference to Jack Ma and Alibaba)

Up until now, everything had gone perfectly and smoothly.

He would soon be an adult and could openly go and find those beautiful lasses to play with. 

Until on day, as he was deep in studies, Su Hao suddenly belt abdominal cramps, his head felt dizzy, and he collapsed at his desk. 

After an unknown period of time, Luo Chaoxin drove his new little fake armored car and puttered into Su Hao’s room.

Today he had prepared to once again duel against his brother.

But as the fake armored car showed off and circled around and around his older brother’s body, he didn’t see any reactions from his brother.

He felt emboldened and used his new rocket launcher and fired a grenade at Su Hao. 

The shell popped out and lightly hit Su Hao and fell to the ground, but there was still no reaction from his older brother.

Normally, he would have already been grabbed by the collar and tossed out by his great demon king brother.

Luo Chaoxin was at a loss.

He got off the car and took off his explosion-protection helmet and used his strength to push Su Hao a bit.

However, Su Hao didn’t move. 

Luo Chaoxin realized something was wrong.

He jumped back into his fake armored car and went back out, activating the alarm sound on the car. 

“Weeyoo weeyoo…”

Yelling at the top of his lungs: “Mom mom mom! Big brother was defeated by me!”

No one paid him any attention, so he changed it and yelled: “Mom mom mom! Big brother isn’t moving!”


When Su Hao woke up, he discovered that he had arrived at the hospital and was lying in a sickbed.

His parents Luo Shengrong and Huang Shujun had faces full of concern.

Huang Shujun’s eyes were red, her tears having ruined her makeup, but when Su Hao woke up, she gave Su Hao a dazzling smile.

“Little Hui woke up.

Are you hungry Mom prepared some fruit for you.

If you’re hungry, eat first.”

Little Luo Chaoxing sat on top of his hands, leaning forward to lie down on the bed.

Just like that, he was staring at Su Hao.

Su Hao realized that he must have become sick.

But everything had been going so well.

How could he have fallen sick 

He first accepted the apple Huang Shujun handed him and took a bite.

Then he entered the marble room and flipped through the log. 

“2 years 7 months 8 days 0 hour 0 minutes 0 seconds,

‘Cosmic Light 2.1’ update complete.

Optimized System display interface.

Optimized resource cross search functions;

Chinese vocabulary analyzed 69%

‘Semiconductor materials’ studying has reached proficiency 3%;


Sudden change in body condition caused you to enter a coma; referencing data… insufficient data.

More data required.;


Hospital examination conclusion: pancreatic cancer;

Detailed report below:


Estimated survival time: Nine months.


As Su Hao read through the log, he became dazed and his mind fell into a pit. 


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