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Recruitment of the party (1)

Ye-Hyeon wanted to restore intimacy with Shin Do-gyeom, who had fallen, but he couldn’t meet Shin Do-Gyeom after that day.

No matter how different the campsites were, Ye-Hyeon snooped around the F-class camp whenever he had time, which was strange.

Even when Ye-Hyeon asked F-class new hunters about Shin Do-Gyeom, the schedules were mixed as if they had planned it on purpose.

‘Does Shin Do-Gyeom avoid me Why did you show up only when you needed it Even the intimacy that had suddenly dropped was quiet.

Negative 26 points.

You have to think that the things that were falling down all at once were driven down and eaten, well! Even if I tried to take it as positively as possible, I couldn’t help but feel the bitterness.’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

It was also strange that the intimacy declined, but the affection level remained the same.

Despite the sluggish improvement in relations, dormitory life was busy.

As Ye-Hyeon took a day off after returning from the gate and repeated the schedule of entering the gate again, it had already been two months since he entered the dormitory.

Ye-Hyeon is now level 9.

Ye-Hyeon felt that the amount of experience needed increased for every 10 levels increased, but it seemed the same.

It has already been nearly two weeks since Ye-Hyeon took level 9, but the level has rarely risen.

Before returning to Korea, Ye-Hyeon was embarrassed to compare it because he had only achieved 10 levels after filling up a year in the dormitory.

However, when Ye-Hyeon saw his colleagues who came in at the same time running toward level 20, Ye-Hyeon kept getting greedy.

‘If I collect all the targets, even level 100 might not be a dream!’

Ye-Hyeon was not sure because he hasn’t been anywhere near, but there seemed to be a kind of wall in units of 100 levels.

For more than half a year, even nearly a year, Ye-Hyeon has seen many stagnant hunters at levels 99 or 199.

It was safe to say that only S-class hunters exceeded 200 levels three years later.

‘No, if the two remaining players are S-level hunters, they can shoot 200 levels instead of 100 levels.

Then…’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

Choi Ye-Hyeon, the S-class hunter.

The mere imagination tickled Ye-Hyeon’s lips.

Ye-Hyeon, who was excited about a while, soon smiled self-helpfully.

‘This really sounds like a bedbug! You’re a bedbug.’

A money-loving nut Whatever Ye-Hyeon did, the tag that followed him came to mind reflexively.

While Ye-Hyeon was thinking about something else, the break time started.

Ye-Hyeon, who was exhausted, sat down against a wooden pillar.


When Ye-Hyeon stayed in the F-class dormitory before returning, he had no choice but to rest even if he didn’t want to because of frequent injuries.

No matter how protected Ye-Hyeon was, he went to the dungeon almost two or three times a week with his body incomplete, and he gradually ran out of physical strength.

“Is it hard for Hyung” Yoon Seung-Jae, who strode, smiled and held out a candy.

Yoon Seung-Jae has always carried sweet things since Ye-Hyeon gave him chocolate snacks once.



When Ye-Hyeon reached out and tried to grab the candy, Yoon Seung-Jae suddenly raised his arm.

“Yoon Seung-Jae.”

“Oh, do it.”

Yoon Seung-Jae flicked his nose playfully while taking off the candy packaging.

Ye-Hyeon stared at Yoon Seung-Jae out of energy but opened his mouth gently because he had no energy to fight.

A round candy popped through his lips.

Ye-Hyeon thought it was strawberry flavored because it was red, but it tasted like an apple.

Perhaps because Yoon Seung-Jae was standing, his figure was noticeably good.

Looking at Yoon Seung-Jae, Ye-Hyeon was pleased for no reason.

There are times when his sister gets drunk a lot once or twice a year, and at that time, his sister would pet Ye-Hyeon and mutter,

“You grew up well, my baby!” [Ye-Hyeon’s sister]

For some reason, Ye-Hyeon felt like he knew his sister’s feelings vaguely.

“Why do you look so gross” Yoon Seung-Jae asked

Yoon Seung-Jae, who made eye contact, stepped back, disgusted.

“When did I” Ye-Hyeon asked.

Ye-Hyeon turned his head to the other side, pretending to be innocent.

Intimacy: 12

Affinity: 6

‘Yoon Seung-Jae also doesn’t rise well anymore.’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

Fortunately, the affection level remained the same, but considering that Yoon Seung-Jae was stuck for almost 24 hours, the speed of intimacy increased below zero.

Yoon Seung-Jae sat next to Ye-Hyeon and hummed.

In the beginning, Ye-Hyeon was nervous pretending not to be, but now he is relaxed as if he is used to the dungeon.

It was a time when Ye-Hyeon thought it would be boring to get help from veteran hunters unless he was in grade F after spending about two months at the camp.

“Yoon Seung-Jae.” [Ye-Hyeon]

“Huh” [Seung-Jae]

Yoon Seung-Jae turned and looked at Ye-Hyeon.

The corners of Yoon Seung-Jae’s mouth rolled up loosely as if in a good mood.

“Why What is it” [Seung-Jae]

Ye-Hyeon hesitated for a while but asked anyway.

“What if… If I go out to the dorm and organize a regular party, will you join me”

Ye-Hyeon thought that Yoon Seung-Jae was a good follower of people, but as they got to know each other, it wasn’t like that.

Yoon Seung-Jae was especially friendly to Ye-Hyeon.

Yoon Seung-Jae was nicknamed “Chick” because he did not fit his size while staying in a camp.

It meant that Ye-Hyeon was chasing after Yoon Seung-Jae as if he were a mother chicken.

Yoon Seung-Jae complained every time that it was a ridiculous nickname, but Ye-Hyeon thought it matched Yoon Seung-Jae’s bright hair color and soft features.

Yoon Seung-Jae at least wouldn’t refuse, but Ye-Hyeon wasn’t sure.

Until Lee Sun-Woo stepped down as president of the association, the Hunter Association managed the fixed party as a permit system.

There were two main reasons.

One is to prevent unnecessary faction formation, and the other is to increase the survival rate of hunters.

Ye-Hyeon doesn’t know, but according to statistics, the casualty rate is lower when the association considers the applicants’ compatibility and temporarily matches them, than in the mediocre fixed party.

Simply put, it was said that it was impossible for a new hunter to create a fixed party independently unless he had a special ability such as a healer.

If it hadn’t been for the unlearned attack, Ye-Hyeon would have followed a moderately advanced hunter or joined a well-established party.

Everyone would be anxious to take healers anywhere, so it wasn’t too difficult.

“What does that mean” [Seung-Jae]

Yoon Seung-Jae frowned and shook his head.

“You’re going to a party without me, but rather going to party with someone” [Seung-Jae]

“Oh No, it’s not like that.

Even if it’s a fixed party, it won’t do me any good… ” [Ye-Hyeon]

Ye-Hyeon extended his words by looking into Yoon Seung-Jae’s eyes as if he were making an excuse.

“There is no gain, so why are you making a fixed party We can just go together as we are now.” [Seung-Jae]

“It’s because of skills and experience!” [Ye-Hyeon]

Ye-Hyeon needed an excuse to stick with the target, but he couldn’t tell the truth.

Ye-Hyeon briefly thought about which one he should take out.

“As you know, I can’t fight monsters because I’m a healer.

I know and appreciate that everyone does their best to protect me, but in the end, it’s no different than entrusting my life to someone else.

I want to entrust it to the person I want, someone I can trust.

I’m shy, so it’s inconvenient to travel with people I don’t know…” [Ye-Hyeon]

Ye-Hyeon gently lowered his eyes and continued his explanation.

Ye-Hyeon felt guilty when he tried to lie to Yoon Seung-Jae.

“I don’t want to burden you.

If you don’t like it, feel free to refuse.”

Ye-Hyeon purposely rolled his eyes and smiled clumsily.

It was an act to make Ye-Hyeon look weak and cause sympathy.

However, contrary to expectations, Yoon Seung-Jae jumped to his feet with a very excited face.

“Hey, isn’t that too much”


Yoon Seung-Jae left without holding onto Ye-Hyeon.

There was still quite a bit of time left to rest.

Yoon Seung-Jae was impatient to come to Ye-Hyeon even during the battle, so he naturally clung to Ye-Hyeon like gum during the break.

It was the first time that Yoon Seung-Jae voluntarily left Ye-Hyeon’s side after coming to the camp.

Ye-Hyeon only looked at Yoon Seung-Jae’s back, who quickly moved away with a blank face.

“What’s wrong with you all of a sudden”

Other hunters were curious about Yoon Seung-Jae’s uncharacteristic behavior, so they sneaked around Ye-Hyeon.

“What’s up, healer”

“Did you have a fight with chick For what”

There were questions from all over the place, but there was nothing Ye-Hyeon could answer because Ye-Hyeon didn’t know why.

“Well…” Ye-Hyeon scratched his back head, blurring the end of his words.

It wasn’t that the closeness was diminished.

Ye-Hyeon stuck out his head and looked at Yoon Seung-Jae.

Yoon Seung-Jae put out his lower lip as if he were protesting, ignoring Ye-Hyeon’s passionate gaze.

“Are you upset” Ye-Hyeon asked.

‘I’ve had a big fight with others, but it’s the first time the other person has been sulky.

I was embarrassed because I didn’t know how to deal with it because I had never experienced it.

Should I go talk to him Leave him alone’ Ye-Hyeon thought.

The break ended while Ye-Hyeon was hesitant and feeling conflicted.

Do you want me to write who talked like

“Wassup” [Ye-Hyeon] or just stay with “Wassup”.

I know it could be kinda confusing so I want to ask the readers.


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