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Harvesting Demonic Creatures, Wanna Come (3)

On the left was the demon that Anna was familiar with, while the person on the right was a man in his late thirties.

He was slightly bent at the waist, his expressionless face was gloomy, and the corners of his eyes were slightly drooping, as if no one was pleasing to his eye.

“Mage Hansen doesn’t usually interact with people very much.

I’ve always thought he was a little scary, more scary than the fallen mages.” Natalie whispered.

Although the Mage Association was a relatively independent organization from the Vatican, this entire world believed in the goddess of light.

The books in the Mage Association library also referred to the light element as the holy light, and deemed mages who could only use dark magic fallen mages.

Most of the fallen mages were pure dark affinity.

If they wanted to practice spells, they could only use dark magic, there was no other choice.

But the dark element was only among one of the affinity elements, and generally speaking, those who used it were unlikely to be persecuted by the Vatican.

In fact, many people in the Mage Association had dark element affinity, but as long as they didn’t use the dark spell in front of the priest, no one would care.

This could be regarded as the tacit understanding formed between the Vatican and the Mage Association.

Mage’s disciples like Natalie had been goddess believers since they were young, and had no knowledge of the higher-level Mage world, so they felt fear and hostility towards the mysterious group of fallen mages.

Anna certainly wouldn’t correct Natalie’s words.

She knew that as long as the fallen mage was not actually a devil, it was fine.

The real demon was by her side.

Her gaze fell on “Raymond”.

She didn’t know if he felt her eyes in him, but the demon actually looked over.

When he noticed that it was her who was staring, he even curled his lips and showed a smug and mocking smile.

Anna knew that the demon must have misunderstood something, but she didn’t bother to care.

But Natalie grabbed Anna’s arm and whispered excitedly: “Mage Raymond looked in our direction, Anna! He is smiling at you!”

Anna pulled on Natalie’s arm, looked at her and said, “What did we come here for”

“To watch the battle”

“It’s good that you know.

Look carefully.

After the battle, I will ask questions.” Anna said, although she didn’t know what to ask; her actual combat experience was zero.

She said this to allow Natalie to concentrate more on watching the battle.

“…Okay~!” Natalie pouted, dissatisfied, and agreed.

The battle between Raymond and Hansen began under the eyes of everyone.

Raymond practiced gold spells.

It was rare that his whole person and his most practiced spells complemented each other, sharp as a blade.

Unexpectedly, Hansen also practiced gold spells.

Anna heard more news from the onlookers.

It was Hansen who took the initiative to fight Raymond.

Sometimes it was inevitable that when two people practiced gold spells, someone would say that everyone specialized in gold spells, so why was Raymond like a knight in shining armor while Hansen was like the stableboy who looked after his horse Who could bear these kinds of words

Therefore, when Raymond was about to rise to three stars, Hansen finally couldn’t help but challenge Raymond to a duel.

With Hansen taking the lead in throwing a golden arrow to test the waters, the battle began.

After he threw a tentative attack, he rushed over, because he also minored in wind spells; his movements were accelerated, and his posture had an elegant look.

He rushed toward Rothgarr, the gold element in his right hand circling his fist.

But he hadn’t fired it out before being kicked away by Rothgarr who had predicted this move.

The tips of Rothgarr’s toes were also covered with golden elements.

Different from the soft gold of the real world, the gold of the natural elements had sharp intrinsic properties.

The gold element that seemed to be wrapped flatly on the toe was actually sharp on the surface.

If this foot had kicked firmly, Hansen might be defeated immediately.

But Hansen blocked the kick at the last minute with a hand wrapped in gold.

After being kicked, he used the wind element to adjust his posture in the air and landed steadily, but just as he stood firm, a sharp wind rose up.

He quickly leaned back with the help of the wind, avoided another fatal blow, stepped out, and stood firmly borrowing the strength of the wind.

At this moment, Hansen had reached the edge of the ring.

Rothgarr didn’t take advantage of the situation to attack.

He was inexplicably rejected by Anna before, and was full of anger.

Someone sent himself to his door for free.

Why would he end the battle so quickly

Besides, Anna was watching from the audience, and he wanted her to see how strong he was.

Wasn’t she obsessed with spells She would see his strength, and come and learn from him!

For a split moment, he thought that his real body was much stronger.

Could he appear in front of Anna in his true form But her alertness when interacting with Balan let him know that this was not feasible.

He was a demon.

Faced with an excellent man of her same race, Anna was not even tempted.

Faced with a powerful demon, a different species, rather than say she would admire him because of his strength, admiration, it was more likely that she would try to stay away from him in fear.

Sometimes her courage was so small.

When he succeeded in his proposal, he would appear in his true form and let her know that all the people she encountered that wanted to propose to her were actually him.

Her expression would be very interesting.

There was sarcasm in Rothgarr’s eyes, but still gave some of his attention to Hansen.

Hansen’s gloomy expression became heavier, and he rushed forward again.

Rothgarr was like a cat teasing its prey.

He could easily kill the prey, but he didn’t.

Rather, he was casually and nonchalantly “playing” with him before showing mercy.


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