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Chapter 4 Vicarious Marriage


At the same time, in the Li Family villa.

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After Li Mingxun hung up the phone, he slammed it on the table, and the whole person was trembling with anger.


Su Meiyu, who was standing beside him, rolled her eyes.

She hurriedly stepped forward, stroked Li Mingxun's chest, and said in a gentle voice, "Mingxun, don't bother with children.

This Li Ge is one year younger than our Jingxue.

This year, she just turned nineteen and is still ignorant…….has she already arrived"


"She’s outside!" Li Mingxun snorted heavily and said, "As expected, she grew up in the country without education! You haven't heard what her attitude is like towards her father! Even if she didn’t learn well from a young age, if she didn't have this Gu family's marriage, she would have directly rotted in the countryside!"


Su Meiyu was the new wife of Li Mingxun after the death of his original wife, and was labeled as the mistress.

Although she and Li Ge only met a few times many years ago, she still regarded Li Ge as a thorn in her side.


She would never forget in her life that when she first married into the Li family more than ten years ago, a six-year-old girl stared at her with big black eyes.

It took a long time for the little girl to say a word in a cold voice that was not suitable for her age.


"Your socks are showing."


At that time, Su Meiyu looked down subconsciously, but did not see the socks that Li Ge was talking about.

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After a long time, Su Meiyu finally realized that Li Ge was scolding her.


Socks revealing a pair of broken shoes!


(t/n your nature as a whore is showing)


Thinking of this, the reluctant smile on Su Meiyu's face stiffened, but then she took a deep breath and said to Li Mingxun.

"Mingxun, since Li Ge has already arrived, let's go out and pick her up.

She has lived in the countryside for so many years.

It's estimated that she wouldn’t understand many things.

Don't let anything go wrong."


Li Mingxun wanted Li Ge to marry into the Gu family, so naturally he had to give in and not offend her.

Even if he was reluctant, he still stood up, flicked his sleeves and strode out.


At this time, it was the season of late summer and early autumn.

The residual heat of summer had not yet dissipated.

The leaves rolled up due to the hit of the sun, and the cicadas on the trees were also chirping desperately.


Li Mingxun and Su Meiyu walked out of the gate of the community and saw a girl playing with her phone under a tree at a glance.


She was wearing a long-sleeved sweater and jeans that did not match this season, and a black baseball cap on her head.

Most of her face was covered by a mask.

Her head was lowered and her face was not visible at all.

Looking at it from a distance, they could only see a very slender and tall girl.


"Li Ge" When Li Mingxun saw Li Ge, his anger had already somehow dissipated after the phone call earlier, but he still frowned tightly when he saw the girl's sloppy look as she was playing with her cell phone.


Hearing the call, Li Ge raised her head and glanced at their direction.

Then walked in slowly, while still continuing to lower her head to play with her mobile phone and the sound effects of the game were constantly heard as she came nearer.


Along the way, Li Mingxun was so angry that the veins on his forehead jumped.

He was close to erupting several times, but forcibly endured it.


A group of three finally entered the Li family villa with different expressions.


Simultaneously, Li Ge also ended her game, turned over the backpack on her shoulder, found a data cable and a power bank, and plugged it into the phone.

Then she raised his head to look at Li Mingxunun and Su Meiyu, and said in hindsight.

"Do you have something to say"


Li Mingxun looked at Li Ge and felt his forehead throbbed again.

He slapped the table with his big hand, and said angrily, "Li Ge! What’s with that kind of attitude! You think there is something wrong with me as a father that I should be sorry to you Listen, the Gu family is the head of the four major families in the Capital…”


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